Powerlifting is a great sport to be involved in. Unfortunately the name ‘Powerlifting’ is enough to put some people off. People have visions of huge men lifting equally huge weights. It doesnt have to be like that.

Powerlifting is 3 main lifts – Deadlift, Squat, Benchpress. These lifts are compound exercises, meaning that they use nearly every muscle in the body. It is for this reason that they are great exercises for everyone. Powerlifting is great for everyone, especially women. Powerlifting will get you stronger, toned and best of all smilling from ear to ear. It is hugely rewarding and enjoyable.

I would like to get as many newcomers to try the sport and to see how good it is for overall health and fitness.
If you already powerlift but want to improve and set new PB’s, I would love to see you as well.